Meet the Staff


  • Andy Warren

    Andy Warren

    Parts Manager, Waynesville Chevrolet Buick

  • Dave Johnson

    Dave Johnson

    Service Manager, Waynesville Chrysler Dodge Jeep R

  • Dewayne Pruett

    Dewayne Pruett

    Service and Parts Director, Waynesville Chevrolet

  • Don Markeson

    Don Markeson

    Parts Manager, Waynesville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

  • Fred Waring

    Fred Waring

    Customer Relations Director

  • Rick Chandler

    Rick Chandler

    General Manager, Waynesville Automotive Group

  • Terry Gilmore

    Terry Gilmore

    Sales Manager, Waynesville Chevrolet Buick

  • Van Olp

    Van Olp



Auto Star of Canton

  • Amanda Edwards

    Amanda Edwards

    Internet Coordinator

    (828) 454-7171

  • Doug Eckert

    Doug Eckert

    Sales Manager, Auto Star of Canton

  • Katie Stiles

    Katie Stiles

    Office Coordinator

Auto Star of Elizabethtown

Auto Star of Sylva

AutoStar of Wadesboro


BDC and Internet Team

  • Brianna Mikol

    Brianna Mikol

    CRM Administrator

    (828) 454-7155

  • Brooke Banks

    Brooke Banks

    Internet Coordinator

    (828) 454-7135

  • Dana Danek

    Dana Danek

    Internet Coordinator

    (828) 454-7160

  • Drew Williams

    Drew Williams

  • Holly Justice

    Holly Justice


    (828) 454-7152

  • Jason Gibson

    Jason Gibson

    Digital Marketing Director

  • Jon Stern

    Jon Stern

    Graphics and Content Manager

  • Laura Sanders

    Laura Sanders

    Internet Coordinator

    (828) 454-7162

  • Thurston Williams

    Thurston Williams


  • Brent Johnson

    Brent Johnson

    Sales Manager

    (678) 383-6075

  • Eddie Black

    Eddie Black

    Senior Sales Associate

    (828) 678-6121

  • Joe White

    Joe White

  • Mike Estes

    Mike Estes

    Sales Associate

    (828) 678-6121

  • Trish Schoocraft

    Trish Schoocraft



  • Dan Schlitt

    Dan Schlitt

    Finance Manager, Waynesville Automotive Group

  • Deborah King

    Deborah King

    F&I Manager

  • Jeff Lozowski

    Jeff Lozowski

    F/I Manager

Hendersonville Automotive



Service & Parts

  • Beth Reece

    Beth Reece

    Oil Change Advisor

    (828) 454-7175

  • Brett Gaddis

    Brett Gaddis

    Parts Advisor, Waynesville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

  • Greg Zecher

    Greg Zecher

    Service Advisor, Waynesville Chevrolet Buick

  • Josh Bales

    Josh Bales

    Service Coordinator, Waynesville

    (828) 454-7159

  • Kaitlyn Stiles

    Kaitlyn Stiles

    (828) 454-7200

  • Kelvin Justice

    Kelvin Justice

    Parts Advisor, Waynesville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

  • Vern Schuler

    Vern Schuler

    Service Advisor, Waynesville Chrysler Dodge Jeep R

Waynesville Chevrolet Buick Sales

Waynesville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Sales